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    VSN Mobil Support

    We do not have a new version of the sample code, however, the current version should be compatible with iOS 7, 8, 9 & 10 devices.


    Following is the behavior we are seeing with our iOS 10 devices and the current sample app:

    If the user “terminate” the app (i.e. double tap on home button and swipe up on the app), the V.ALRT will disconnect.   Then if user reopens the app, it automatically reconnect to the V.ALRT.  There’s no need to reset the device. 

    Note: I assume you already changed VALRT_DEVICE_LOCAL_NAME to match the MAC address of your V.ALRT


    #define VALRT_DEVICE_LOCAL_NAME @"V.ALRT A3:37:53" //A3:37:53 get the address your V.ALRT and put it here


    Please provide step by step instructions of what you did so we can try to reproduce it.

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